Join Our Team

Join Our Team

We are a startup team with leadership that is passionate about building the skills and expertise of our teams. There isn’t much time for micromanagement, thus we are a very team-driven organization that challenges each other to constantly build their skills and build quality relationships with customers that are building cool, impactful products.

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  • Luck 10%
  • Skill 20%
  • Concentrated Power of Will 15%
  • Pleasure 5%
  • Pain 50%
  • Reason To Remember The Name 100%

We are looking for people that love to learn and want to grow with a startup company as we build cool Web-based applications for a variety of industries including healthcare, finance and banking, e-government and others. We build teams of self-directed experts that work closely with our clients to deliver business critical applications. Our team members should care about creating great code, interacting with cool customers and working as part of a driven team of experts.


Sr. Developer

Our senior developer role is works on an Agile team as a mentor and architect. We expect that this member joins the company with the ability to mentor across some (or most) of our typical stack. This person helps ensure other team members are able to build high-quality, test-driven code that meets the highest standards of good Agile engineering. This person is a great communicator, great at striving to understand the needs of our customers and building software solutions that meet those needs.