Chris Sims

President / CEO

Luke Colburn

Director / IT Operations

Carter Musick

Director / Development Services

Brandon Bosco

Director / Business Operations

Candace Welch

Director of Marketing
Software Developer

Connor Lynch

Software Developer

Uzezi Ogodo

Software Developer

Madison Hall

Business Development Manager

Craig Fulda

Software Developer

Larry Tribble

Director / Coaching Services

Jason Knight

Fractional Scrum Master / Agile Coach

Joi West

Administrative Assistant​


To create an environment that fosters relationships that allow people to grow and feel valued, so that customers and employees can achieve their goals.

Sigao Studios "Why" statement
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Congratulations, You've made it to the deepest part of our site…so we will let you in on a little secret. The real bosses at Sigao are our dogs. We have 4 of them and they run the place. If you love dogs, you'll love working here. If not, then you really should learn to love dogs…

pet dogs

We take our work serious, but we also love to cut loose. Birmingham has a wonderful brewery scene and we love experimenting with the amazing options of great craft brews. We try to keep our beer fridge stocked, but don't worry, while we do like to have fun we also make sure our work gets done and….

drink beer

We've had our work demoed at the United Nations, we've helped refugees in Ghana find work, special needs children become more independent and helped people with communications struggles get better at speaking. We love building impactful projects for all of our clients!

build cool stuff