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The ‘why’ behind Sigao Studios

Let’s start at the beginning: Why are we here?


We founded Sigao Studios in hopes of creating something bigger, and now that we’re growing rapidly (we’ve tripled in staff size just this year!), it’s more important than ever for us to remember the basics and think back to our purpose.

Simply put, that purpose is “to create an environment that fosters relationships that allow people to grow and feel valued, so that customers and employees can achieve their goals.”

Our top priority as a company is people — not money, tech, or even Agile. Relationships are what drives our decision-making, our growth, and our overall business. The other founders and I wanted to build the company that we wanted to work for, and we are continually striving to define what that actually looks like.

So what does that mean for our customers and our employees?

We want you to leave us better than when you started. We’re committed to empowering you so you can accomplish your personal and professional goals. We want you to succeed and grow. We promise to do our part to build growth-focused relationships that are lasting, transparent, candid and purposeful.

Of course, there are two sides to every relationship, so we can’t do this without your help. If you partner with us, whether as a customer or an employee, we want you to join in our vision and help keep our focus on these goals. If you ever see a decision that doesn’t seem consistent with that, we welcome you to hold us accountable. We make each other stronger through these relationships.

Sigao has had an exciting journey over the past two years. We’re thankful for the relationships we’ve forged and excited about the ones that are still to come.

Interested in being part of our vision? Learn more about our services here, or check out our current career opportunities.